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Who We Are

Who We Are

Palliative Care of South Arkansas strives to provide serious or chronic illness care that optimizes quality of life in Bradley, Calhoun, Columbia, Ouachita, and Union County and surrounding areas. 

Palliative care of South Arkansas focuses on improving patients' quality of life and their families facing the problems associated with life-threatening illness.  We use an interdisciplinary team approach to enable patients and families to cope with serious illnesses. This means providing emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological, and logistical support. 

We provide care alongside curative treatment, regardless of prognosis, when symptoms of an illness reduce comfort or ability to carry on with everyday life. We work to anticipate, prevent, and manage suffering, helping you understand treatment choices, giving you more control over the care plan. 

As a non-profit, we are mission-driven. We are a local organization, staffed by local people, caring for our local community. Our mission to serve individuals with serious illnesses and their families will remain constant but will not be complete until we provide care to every person in need. 

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