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Grants/Impact Plan


When all Union County children, adults, and families have the resources and community support they need to succeed.

ENVISION living in a community that doesn’t lose kids or adults to abuse, addiction, poverty, or crime.

ENVISION a community where a new generation will become the best and the brightest regardless of personal situations.

ENVISION a greater number of healthy, happy and successful adults staying in Union County to raise their families and build their careers.

ENVISION a community that helps those who are coming out of incarceration and abusive situations to become successful and productive community and family members.

Then ENVISION families who will continue to make Union County a model community and...

Finally, ENVISION a community that works together to make all of this happen.

How can you help make an IMPACT?

The Union County Impact Plan now belongs to the people of Union County. It will lead our community in realizing our vision for children and families. We call on every resident to become part of the movement to build a culture in which all Union County children, adults, and families have the resources and community support they need to succeed.

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