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Report Fraud or Unethical Conduct

Report Fraud or Unethical Conduct

SHARE Employees must immediately report knowledge of suspected, actual, or potential violations of law, regulations, policy and procedure violations of the SHARE Foundation Business Ethics and Conduct.

If employees are uncomfortable about raising concerns directly to a supervisor or if a concern has been raised and not addressed, employees should report their concern through one of the following methods:

Other management staff within the employee’s chain of command

A phone call or written statement to the Compliance Coordinator (SHARE Foundation President/CEO)

By utilizing the anonymous Whistleblower reporting box on the SHARE Foundation employee website.  

SHARE Whistleblower Protection and Reporting Policy

Submitting Your Report

Submissions made below will be sent directly to both the Compliance Coordinator and the VP of Finance. You may indicate your name and contact information in the text box or you may choose not to do so. No attempt will be made to trace the source of the complainant and your confidentiality is maintained.


The Whistleblower Protection and Reporting policy is not designed for general employee complaints. Only matters involving noncompliance with law or policy will be reviewed, and if appropriate, investigated.

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