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“Linda Stringfellow Spirit of SHARE” Award Recipients Announced for 2023

At SHARE Foundation’s Annual Employee Meetings, Dr. Brian Jones, President and CEO, announced the “Linda Stringfellow Spirit of SHARE” Award winners for 2023.

The “Spirit of SHARE” Award was created in 2004 to recognize employees of SHARE Foundation who go above and beyond their everyday duties. In 2017, the award was renamed in honor of retiring SHARE President/COO Linda Stringfellow to the “Linda Stringfellow Spirit of SHARE” Award.  Employees who have been with SHARE for at least one year are eligible with the exception of the President/CEO.

Nominees are made by fellow SHARE employees and are evaluated on their willingness to go the extra mile, as well as their compassion, loyalty, responsibility, and integrity toward their co-workers, patients, and members. An anonymous committee of the SHARE Foundation Board reviews the nominations and makes the selections.

This year there were two finalists and one, overall winner.  Both finalists received an engraved award and an EXTRA day of paid vacation.  The winner received an engraved plaque and an additional week of paid vacation.

The following comments are from the nomination forms.

The finalists in no particular order:

Patsy Newton, HealthWorks Fitness Center Front Desk Attendant
Patsy is the embodiment of this award. She is a hard worker and shows compassion to her coworkers and members. She makes new members feel welcome. All members look forward to seeing her smile and happiness first thing in the morning. Healthworks would not be the same without her!

Sabrina Yeasky, SHARE Foundation Administrative Professional
Sabrina has always been so kind to us!! She always picks up the phone when I call about any and every question. (I call about some of the smallest of things sometimes but she never makes me feel like it's a bother). She does so much for HealthWorks on the admin side and we appreciate it!!!! She is so kind and a delight to be around and does so much that helps HealthWorks run smoother. 

The overall 2023 Linda Stringfellow Spirit of SHARE Award winner – Britney Snell the SHARE Foundation Vice President and CFO Those who nominated Britney said, “Britney is consistent in her actions and values, she always treats others with respect and fairness. She has the courage to stand up for her beliefs and do the right thing, even when it is difficult. She always gives 110%. I have never witnessed her being anything but professional. Britney is dependable and keeps all her commitments. Her compassion is sincere no matter the situation. She always keeps the team's interest at heart. She works with everyone to make sure that we achieve the goal. Britney has held an unwavering strong work ethic, good values, and great attitude and has always been someone I am genuinely happy to be around. She prioritizes SHARE's employees and goals and is always looking toward the future, which gives you a hopeful outlook on your work when you get to see that kind of positivity daily.

Congratulations to the 2023 Linda Stringfellow Spirit of SHARE award winners.

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